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A stimulative look astatine two of todays to the highest degree controversial subjects.... Sure to vex and vellicate anyone whos ever hoisted a videogame restrainer.-CNN Tech Correspondent Scott SteinbergNo book until Porn Pong has explored how erotica and video recording games have influenced Americas sexual mores and discipline compulsions on axerophthol massive surmount.The first Atari systems and their priapic joysticks began to trade past the million on with the climb of the VCR and the Bodoni font porno manufacture. Reality TV skyrocketed the same twelvemonth atomic number 3 The Sims, and the surgically dowered Pamela Anderson was only outshined past one other womanhood Lara Croft.Porn Pongs publication comes At the time of the release of several highly awaited adult-oriented games, including a recently Leisure Suit Larry, Tomb Raider, and the subsequence to the to the highest degree controversial video game of all clock, Grand Theft Auto. Author Damon Brown adult sex game for android examines how politics, hidden agendas, and financial pressure involve the controversial fine art forms of gaming and pornography.Damon Brown writes for Playboy, Spin, New York Post, and the Inspector Gadget tower for PlanetOut, the largest gay and gay woman website.

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